Thursday, May 22, 2008

Profiles in Cuteness: Connor

Connor is a leggy, long-bodied little moorit gray. We expect he'll share some of his Mama Louise's, fine "structure". Louise has a nice straight back and long body. She is also one of our widest, "meatiest" ewes with beautiful "charcoal" fleece. Louise is our most wary, watchful ewe (Okay, she goes a little overboard on the wary/watchful thing) but this is a terrific trait in a ram and we believe it will serve Connor well.

Connor's sire, Bombadil, has a beautiful black gray fleece and a nice long-bodied build as well.

Connor carries the color black as well as moorit and may also carry the mouflon pattern.
He looks to be a very long, very large polled ram someday. Here he is at 3 days old:

We should have a detailed lamb page up soon. But, if you're interested in Connor, or any of the other lambs, please contact us at Maggie's Farm (

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Christy said...

He is a beautiful lamb!