Monday, June 23, 2008

What Sound Does a Hummingbird Make?

Now, the correct answer to this question in "buzzzzz" or some variation, the little birds wings beating so fast they vibrate the air around them.

Ever since we've hung this feeder outside the kitchen window we've been blessed with many, many, MANY hummingbirds. (Either that or it is one very busy little guy, slurping down boatloads of sugar water all on his or her own! )

We love watching the glimmering birds dart from "flower" to "flower", their invisibly fast winds beating, sharp little tail shifting.

Whenever Joe catches sight of a hummingbird, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or some kitchen-related in between, he announces the arrival at the top of his lungs.

So, here on Maggie's Farm we have a different answer to the question: The sound a hummingbird makes is most definitely a raucous "HUMMINGBIRD!"