Tuesday, June 10, 2008

....And Now a Word from Our Chickens

You may recall the story of Chicklee and her new family, stranded four feet off the ground in their nestbox. It seemed like a genuine dilemma to me, but to Super-psycho hen, Chicklee, it was just another day at the office. After two relaxing days atop her nest of 3 chicks and 8 duds, she hopped down to the ground, leaving the chicks to make their own death-defying leaps after her. Well, they did, with no ill effects. And THEN "Java the Hutt" our broody Java hen also managed to hatch out a chick and they, too, made the leap!

Now these mamas (both "strong" personalities as far as chickens go) are scrabbling and dueling and mixing up their chicks left and right. Yet they can simple move away from each other.. it's not like they have the whole farm to spread out in or anything..... Nooo, they have to be side by side and miserable about it. They have to peck each others' chicks and get in each others' faces....

I almost confiscated Java's chick after it repeatedly became lodged behind the feed barrels shreiking as only a terrified chick can. Talk about Mama Drama!

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Christy said...

Silly chickens!