Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Counting Our Chickens

I counted the chickens today (The ones that have indeed hatched!) and we have something like 48. FORTY EIGHT! Now, some-- eleven-- are meat chickens, destined for the freezer.
But still. Perhaps we've gone overboard on the poultry this year?
There are chickens everywhere: the grown flock free ranging, the adorable broody hatched chicks (Diego, Little Jaguar and Annamarie) peeping around with their co-mamas (This seems to be the arrangement Chicklee and Super-Psycho Java have worked out), an additional chick, hatched out for Seaport's Science class awaiting delivery, a gaggle of adolescents in the barn... not to mention the 13 turkey poults and 5 guineas. Oy!
Dan will be building an extension onto the coop. But even then, something will have to change before winter sets in.
At any rate, we are awash in eggs. We think they are the coolest eggs going. We'll be selling them once we can get the details straight.

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