Monday, April 18, 2011


Acorn had triplets on Thursday-- two ewe lambs and a little ram! Our first ever set, a gaggle of moorit lambs. And she bore them like a pro. Her easiest lambing to date; I only had to help pull the first (nose and one hoof delivery). The second she managed pretty much alone. The third, was a total surprise delivered as Acorn stood among her miniature flock and we helpers rubbed them dry.
Unfortunately, Acorn didn't seem to have enough milk for three. The old mastitis blocked one side at least partially (Dan was able to get a few drops with some serious milking). But the lambs were constantly hungry and small.

So we gave one of the ewes to some lovely farmers in New Hampshire who have a lot of experience with bottle lambs and are already spoiling her rotten. They've named her after her mother.

It was sad to drive her up to New Hampshire, but this was eased by her comfortable calm (she rode all the way on my eldest's lap!) and the immediate love her new "parents" showed for her.

Also, I swear Acorn seemed a little relieved. Three is a lot for a mama (I can attest to that!) especially with milk issues.

One more ewe left to lamb. And Penny appears at least three weeks away. Whew!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Flower

Well now. We are STILL waiting for poor Acorn to lamb. This is how she's looking these days:

Poor thing. I mean, how much longer is this going to take????

While we were keeping watch on Acorn, waking early, midnight barn checking, wily old matriarch, Copper, decided to go ahead and get the lambing over with.

In between the frequent checks, she birthed herself a nice little ewe lamb.

The kids have named her Flower.