Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Met Up With the Gamboler

There are seven lambs at Maggie’s Farm, a veritable miniflock. And let me tell you, they really do gambol, just like in Disney cartoons and hallmark cards, I swear.

Before this year, we’ve only had one or two lambs at a time. Evidently, lambs are not so playful when they aren’t in their own little group. Also, Copper’s line, while well-built and milky, is a little short on joie de vie. Maya’s lambs on the other hand, are the life of the party, they scoot and run and play butt and make mad dashes across the pasture. Penny’s two join in and then, sometimes, Daisy’s can be persuaded to join in the fun as well.

Really, adorable. What more can I say?

We’ve decided to be a little more traditional this year and instead of naming our lambs for months (April and March) or children’s book characters (Charlie Bucket, James Henry Trotter, and Olive), all our 2008 lambs will be named starting with the letter C. Next year, we’ll go D...Unless we get whimsical again, of course. This will help us keep track of which lambs were born when as our flock grows. Here are the current ten:

Daisy’s two ewe lambs were born first. Caroline and Coraline are already HUGE and heavy on phaeomelanin. These two are the product of our first line breeding and it appears that they have the characteristics of Copper to a tee.

Penny’s two are also stocky and bold, though not quite as giganto as Daisy’s. Were calling them Carlotta (white ewe lamb) and Champ (Moorit ram lamb) Carlotta is the boldest little thing, curious and pushy and the unofficial leader of our mini flock.

Maya’s ewe lambs, 3 days younger, will be a
beautiful gray black, much like their sire, Bombadil. Right now, however, they just have “flashing” here and there. These two, named
Chloe and Cleo, are agile, spunky and quick.

That brings us to Leela’s moorit spotted boy, Chance (The kids insist on calling him “Clowny Boy”). His fleece is already showing that fine, silky quality we value so highly in his mother's.

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Christy said...

Chance is beautiful! I loved meeting each lamb individually. Using a different letter each year is a good idea.