Monday, May 19, 2008

Guinea Chase

Can you stand another lamb-related story?

It seems our little crew has taken it upon themselves to torment the four remaining farm guinea fowl. Not a difficult task, really. The poor guineas can't figure their way out of a paper bag... on a good day....

...And to them, everything-- everything!-- is cause for earsplitting alarm. Now, I'll admit I sort of like the sound-- puts me in mind of a day at the beach, a great wall of sound crashing, ebbing, flowing around the yard. Dan is not so thrilled with it (and likely our neighbors, the folks in the next town, next county, and everywhere else agree).

Last week we finally discovered a secret purpose for our little guinea quartet. Our lambs enjoy a good wild fowl chase. Especially when one forlorn little guy forgets it can fly over the fence and spends an hour or two dodging woolies and CH-CH-CH-CHIPPing up a storm.

Somebody remind me: Aside from sheeply entertainment, what exactly are guinea fowl good for?


Debbie Pelletier said...

Guinea fowl are GREAT for keeping down the tick population. When you hatch them in the makeshift nursery in your master bath, their chirping is wonderful white noise :) Just remember that they can fly very early in life, so don't be surprised when you find them perching on your shower door.
Sadly, they also make McGuinea Meals for the local foxes. Where we once had 12, we now have none after 2 years of trying to keep them safe.

P said...

"White Noise" is a great description of it!

Our four remaining guineas are doing all right with the foxes. (Maggie keeps our yard predator-free.)

But honestly, I bet you'd have to have a slew of guineas to affect the tick population. Four doesn't cut it... and I'm afraid that more than four would be deafening!

Anonymous said...

Dinner. They is good for dinner!


P said...

Yep, they IS good for dinner!

We ate the 4 Maggie "accidentally" did in and they WERE really, really good for dinner.


Christy said...

I don't think guinea would go over well at the new house. The one neighbor is pretty close and they are loud. I'll need another plan for tick control.