Friday, February 1, 2008

Twilight Zone

Imagine you are in a familiar yet strangely out-of-wack place, a place populated with familiar yet strangely stir crazy little people.... Toys materialize on the floor-- to the left! to the right! Half eaten bagels dot the kitchen table. You can't keep up! Outside, a cold sleet rapidly falls, giving the snow a treacherous sheen. You are trapped! Stuck indefinitely in this place. You have entered the SnowDay Zone...

Oh, I'm sadly familiar with "the zone" these days. This winter, it seems like every time we turn around, we have another one. Four foot drifts, icing, sleet, freezing rain, the dreaded "wintery mix". And the schools have been closed for each and every one of them! So here we are again. In the zone.

I should explain, that my kids LOVE school. (Yep, it surprises me too. I have such horrible memories of the my own school experience from elementary on up. But they love the place, have even been given to crying at missing a few extra days for family vacations!) Snow days start out with seriously bummed children. Couple that with our family's rejection of the anesthetising powers of the television and video games (We do allow some tv...) and the lousy weather outside and you have a recipe for capital Stir crazy.

Today we are alternating between wonderful, imaginary play (They were cowboys and cowgirls in the vague "back then" times for a few blissful hours ), bickering (as in "She's bothering me!" "He started it!" "It's my cardboard box!" "No, I want it!" etc.) and all out warfare. Oh, and I'm attempting to catch up on some paperwork from home in between all that.

We are seriously in the zone today.

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