Friday, February 22, 2008

More of the Same

Another day, another snowstorm. Kids and I are once again cooped inside, coming up with yet another “something to do". I believe they are all done with baking, beading, rope-making, felting, soap-making and even those plastic beads that you melt with an iron. The other day we baked an impromptu chocolate meringue pie out of ovaltine and our own winter-sparse chicken eggs. (Turned out better than expected) And we have played about a hundred games of Labyrinth and Blokus, exhausted the possibilities of blocks, cuisinaire rods, dress up, and all sorts of imaginary play-options. Sigh.... Tomorrow, I am going OUT to work on my novel all day long. I don't care if I have to slide down the hill to do it.

Does Copper look ready for spring or what? If she could speak, I swear she’d say “Enough already! If I wanted this sort of weather, I’d have stayed in Iceland!” (Copper is actually from Haydenville, MA. They don’t allow exports of Icelandic sheep anymore, but you get the idea.)

Oh spring, spring.... where are ya?


Christy said...

We love those plastic beads you melt with an iron. And I'm more than ready for spring myself.

Walter Jeffries said...

Perri, You mentioned wanting to get pigs asked about being attached to your food. Interesting question. See this post for a general overview. As to our kids. They have always understood that the animals are to eat. It is part of farm life. We celebrate the animals in life and dinner.