Thursday, February 28, 2008

Camera Kaput!

Our Camera-- Dan's extravagant way-over-our-budget birthday camera-- broke this week. Something to do with the zoom motor. We are sending it back to Cannon, and hopefully they will be able to fix it... Sigh.... and have it back in time for spring, lambs, chicks and crocuses and all sorts of camera-worthy stuff. For now, we'll recycle some old shots and keep plugging along.

Really, my upbeat self tells me, the broken camera is an opportunity to appreciate all the more important things that DO work and also to really SEE the things around me without trucking off to capture them on my memory card.

But of course, we had the most beautiful blizzard yesterday-- a heavy wet snow that coated the trees so thoroughly, they looked like the bleached chunks of coral you find at tropical souvenir shops. Venturing out at 4 AM in the strange, "underwater"world of heavy, heavy snow and halflight, I really did appreciate the chance to take that deep breath and simply, SEE. Then, I started missing the camera something fierce!


Cheap Like Me said...

I'm enjoying your blog and loved yesterday's post. So I added you to my "Excellent blog" post today:

P said...

Thanks so much. It's been a lot of fun to write, and I'm glad it's enjoyable for someone else as well.


Walter Jeffries said...

I've had the same problem with two Fuji E900 FinePix cameras. This seems to be a common problem to the cameras that move the lens in and out. If they don't have really good seals to keep out dust then the die. I actually had Fuji repair tell me they consider the ($400!) cameras to be disposable. I don't! I'm not buying another of theirs.