Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Reprieve

Well, Gus, our nasty ram, is still with us, still thumping around in his high security stall. We had expected Duane (our barber) to come help us “dispatch” and “process” Gus. (Love those euphemisms!) But a tree fell on part of his house on Sunday. (Thankfully, no one was hurt. It took out the electricity and siding.) And so Gus’ future is on hold once again.

We are hoping to buy an old trailer so that next year, we can truck our rams and ram lambs (and…. perhaps, pigs?) out to our local slaughterhouse proper. But all that’s on hold as we are on a serious budget out here on Maggie’s Farm. Our trusty Toyota minivan has transported sheep, hay and everything else. This method has earned us a broken window, hours of vacuuming, hours of scrubbing, and many great stories, which I’ll have to add another time. A truck is not going to happen this year, so an affordable old stock/horse trailer is on the very top of our wish list.

On a whole other note: It was Halloween yesterday! We have to drive to town to trick or treat. But, as everybody else drives to town, too, town is really happening and fun! The folks of Shelburne Falls went all out with costumes and decorations and lots of scary fun treats! (Thank you, Shelburne Falls!)

Here are a few pictures of the kids in their costumes. Micah has gone from previous years’ princesses and mermaids to “the scariest thing she could think of” which was, as it turned out, the Grim Reaper. Anna, ever the soccerfan, was a soccer ball (though she quickly tired of the giant soccerball head we made out of a piƱata and wore just her painted face instead. And Joe was a knight with a sword (He was all about the sword, I tell ya!)

Happy November everybody!

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Jenn said...

Anna's so cute!!! Well, she always is! :) My kids were grim reapers, too, but their masks kept getting in the way so I told them they should take them off and be monks instead. Alex said, "But ... do monks use swords?" I said, "Um ... sure. Why not?" For one night we can having fighting monks, right?