Thursday, October 25, 2007


Last weekend Dan and I attended the New York Sheep and Wool festival in Rhinebeck New York. We didn't go as vendors or exhibitors, we just went to learn, to see what kinds of possibilities were out there for us (Once we get our act together, anyway!) Oh, and to spend a little time with each other sans kids or animals or other responsibilities. It was, you could say, our yearly "date". I should say that the members of my family who provided childcare-- my sister and cousins-- didn't believe we'd REALLY choose to spend our one day "off" at a sheep show. They thought Rhinebeck was just a clever cover for something juicier and more fun. But nope. We went to a sheep show and it was great!

I was inspired by the amazing felted art work. And I met some amazing artists. (I'm learning to felt through trial and frequent error.) Dan loved the weaving and variety of yarn. We even saw some rare Cashmere Goats with downy soft undercoats (Love to have a few of those sometime). And we spoke to some really wonderful breeders and shepherds.

Fall was in peak form, and it was so nice to be out and on the road. Reminded me of old times, when Dan and I (and Maggie) spent our time roadtripping across the country. On the way back we stopped in Pittsfield, MA for some Indian food. (Dan's favorite and unavailable in Colrain) It was a splendid "date".


Whirled said...

I think that sounds like a perfect date. My DH and I went on the Washington County, NY fiber farm tour for our honeymoon!

Love your blog, I will be back!

P said...

Sounds like a terrific honey moon to me.I'm glad to hear we're not alone in this obsession :)

As students, Dan and I used to spend our spare $20 to take sheepherding lessons.

Thanks for the comments.