Sunday, November 25, 2007

Frosty the Frog

Speaking of Thanksgiving, one little froggie has an extra thanks to give to my oldest daughter, Micah, this holiday. While puttering around outside yesterday, she dicovered him slow-motion swimming under a sheet of ice in our tiny goldfish pond. Usually, frogs burrow down in the mud and muck this time of year and wait out the spring, but this little unfortunate chose a "pond" without mud or muck. By the time he figured out that he couldn't burrow into the thick black rubber of the bottom, it was 20 some degrees and he'd been iced over.

Every spring, we find the bodies of one or two frogs, who have met exactly this fate. So finding a living, albeit half frozen and brown as mud frog in the fish pond was a nicer surprise. Micah broke the ice ceiling and rescued "Frosty". We weren't sure he'd survive the real and actual frog pond at the edge of the woods, so we brought him inside and gave hime a suite at the "eft motel", otherwise known as our big mucky living room terrarium. He settled in nicely, "defrosting" as Micah put it, enough to turn a healthy froggy green around the edges.

So, here he is: Frosty the frog, another little life under our care.

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