Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kid's Eye View

This post is not exactly farm-related, but I thought I'd put it up here anyway. Mainly because we have a "guest photographer" today, one who has opened my eyes a bit, and because I love these pictures!

Micah (our oldest) has been really interested in the blog lately, so after much pleading and promising on her part and a solemn pledge to take VERY GOOD CARE of the camera, she took off on a farm photo expedition.

She snapped some wonderful pictures, pictures of the chicks and turkeys, the garden, her brother, but the most unexpected photos were of... me.

Me, looming like a giant, hands on hips, probably in the middle of some sort of motherly rant (Okay, I don't really "rant" very often. But it's a sure bet I was reminding somebody of something...)

This moment ranks low in my memory but to my kids, obviously it is meant a little more. We are so much more powerful in our childrens' eyes than we ever feel we are. I look at these photos and I am reminded to take care, to be thoughtful in my responses and gripes and general parental nagging, to be true to my best self in this most important endeavor.


Joy said...

Just wanted to let you know that I have included you in my favorite blogs to read and awarded you the "just plain fun to read" award.

You can read the post here:

Thanks for your wonderful blog!


P said...

Thank you, Joy

I'm flattered :)


Lisa said...

YOu may have a budding photographer there. Those pictures are very interesting.
I really enjoy your blog... You are doing what my husband and I wish we could do.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful observation, Perri. A very gentle reflection.

And your photographer has quite a nice eye.


Christy said...

I always love seeing what Logan takes pictures of. It is so fun to see the world from his eyes.