Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nobody's Business but the Turk(ey)s

An order of 15 turkey poults is set to arrive here at Maggie's farm the week after next, part of our foray into "conscientious omnivorism". We have quite a few "orders" from friends and family and hope to keep about five for our freezer, a full year of Turkey dinners. As we have no idea what the COST of keeping the turkeys will be as yet (We've heard that toms can eat about 100 pounds (yep--- ONE HUNDRED POUNDS!) of feed in 6 months, we don't know what the turkeys will cost yet. We are hoping to break even (minus the hours of turkey-care and in putting together a new turkey coop and run and brooder box, of course).

There are many folks with strong opinions about turkeys. We've heard they are "big dirty birds" and "lovely birds", "gentle and fun" and "demon critters that search out and peck eyeballs".

Well, we'll just see about all that.

Dan and I, as I've mentioned frequently on this blog, tend to jump first and ask questions later. Turkeys should be fun though, right?


Christy said...

I will be following your turkey adventure avidly since we hope to raise turkeys ourself someday.

rooster said...

good luck!

i've had good experiences (at least nothing too hideous as i keep doing it)

they are not the brightest creatures and the poults tend to be even more 'suicidal' than chicks.

but they are just as relaxing to watch free-ranging as chickens and make such pleasant clucking and popping sounds when they find food!

there is nothing like having your own bird on the table at the holidays.

looking forward to turkey stories!

Anonymous said...

I think most of those horror stories come from people who have not kept turkeys, but have talked to other people who have also not kept turkeys!