Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dog and Rooster Show

Well, after much glaring and posturing and several feints in each others' direction, Luka (Our Icelandic Sheepdog puppy) and Batmandoo (Our big ol' rooster) had it out today.


The first round happened as Joe and I were heading out for preschool. I'd run back inside for a forgotten lunchbox when Joe appeared on the porch with a panicked look on his face. This is a kid who is generally unflappable, so I boogied outside to find Luka and Batmandoo locked in mortal combat. Luka, having previously been chased under the porch and behind my legs decided (I'm guessing on this) that enough was enough. At any rate, she was a snarling ferocious little beasty and Batmandoo was no slouch himself. He was fluffed to the max and darting at Luka's face, his talons (normally called "feet") bared. I darted over, picked Luka up and put her in the house.

That afternoon, the combatants returned. Same place, same situation. This time, it was pretty obvious that, given a little time, Luka would win. She pinned Batmandoo for a quarter second and then another. I didn't want to see a massacree in the front yard, especially under the gazes of the three preschool children watching from the sandbox, so with much hollering, I separated the two with a rake. Luka immediately calmed. But damn if that crazy rooster didn't try circling around for another go. I guided him down the hill with the rake where he commenced to crow further challenges. (The preschool kids, though slightly shaken, were all right)

At dusk, the final stand off. This one occurred while Luka and I were doing our evening farm chores. Suddenly, Batman appeared like the gunslinger he is, silhouetted at the top of our hill (Well, maybe this is a slight exaggeration...) . A low growl rose in Luka's throat as she turned to face him. Crap! I Thought. But a quick command to "Leave it!" Broke Luka's concentration, or perhaps my words were the excuse she needed. At any rate, Batmandoo swaggered home to his roost, Luka and I fed and watered the sheep, and the sun set on another day at our little "Okay Corral".

Hopefully, there will NOT be a sequel.

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Christy said...

Oh, that is kind of scary! I hope they can reach an understanding.