Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Walk in the Woods

We’ve had a terrific January Thaw, thank you. It’s been delightfully melty here in Western Mass: sunny, 40 degrees a good chunk of the time. Hardly like winter at all.
Appears we’re headed back to "seasonal weather" tonight—a nice new blizzard to remind us we’ve got a looong, cold way to go before spring.

We thought it prudent to enjoy a little time outside, doing nothing remotely useful. So we went on a all-family walk in the woods. It took a while to get the kids into the idea. I'm embarrassed to say, they like to spend their winters hanging around inside, drawing and reading and playing intricate games involving dolls and stuffed animals and a lot of overturned furniture, but we forced ‘em out just the same. Turns out, they had a great time. In fact, THEY could walk right on top of the crunchy snow without falling through. It was a little more physically exhilarating for Dan and me.
But, what a beautiful day!

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