Monday, January 21, 2008

Grumpy Monkey

This entry is a little off the farming topic. It's kid-related. So bear with me if you will....

My children, wonderful as they are, are seriously into moping. Something doesn't work out as they'd like and they hang around, just in sight of a grown-up, with a long, long face and an Eeyore attitude. When this happens, Dan and I try to ignore the moping best we can, so I can't figure out what they're getting out of it.
But they sure do it. A lot.

Anna and Joe shared a "double mope" recently and, at my wits end, I hit on a way to change up a little. I turned it into a game: Anna had the "Grumpy Monkey" on her head. If she tagged me, the monkey would jump to me and I would have the Grumpy Monkey. It took a while for her to get into the spirit. But when she did, and tagged me, I sunk down in my best mopey imitation. Joe and Anna though this was pretty funny and before long, we were walking along, passing the grumpy monkey from one to another. Eventually, we passed it on to an unfortunate maple tree and called it quits. xnay on the umpygray.

Maybe next time the Grumpy Monkey visits, we'll have a handy new vocabulary and a little game to banish it.

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