Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wintery mix!

The last 3 days have gifted us with two incidents of what is euphemistically called "icing". And, oh boy is it fun! I slide down the hill to feed the sheep (Literally: slide, hugging up on tree limbs and fenceposts along the way to slow myself) and I knock around like a hockey puck while loaded with hay and water and whatnot. The sheep don't seem troubled by the think layer of ice coating their backs and the trees are (so far) dealing. But my commute has been tough. Monday was a complete wash and Wednesday involved Dan and I digging the car out of the snow after it skidded off the driveway in the early AM hours.

Sometimes, I fear I am not cut out for this life-- all the chopping and carrying and skidding, knocking ice out of waterbuckets the catching, detangling, dequilling and midwifing recalcitrant sheep. But then, later, I feel so envigorated.

Even now, as watch the snow having a field day outside my window, I feel strangely content. I know, we'll handle it somehow. The kids and sheep , chickens, dogs and Dan (Who is Canadian and unimpressed by New England weather) will be just fine. And we'll laugh about it too, perhaps not today, or while digging out at 4AM tomorrow, but, someday...

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