Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Slogging South

Here in Western Mass, we've had more snow than you can shake a stick at. More snow in two weeks time than in the whole of last winter, or at least it seems that way. And so, like any self respecting fair-weather shepherds, we are heading south for a few days!
Really, its hard to quit all this sludging, shoveling and general sheepkeeping, but our annual trip is a family tradition. We drive to Florida to visit family come hell or high water. We let the chips fall where they may. And let me tell you, the chips ALWAYS DO fall where they may. Each year is a whole new adventure! Once, all five on us got the stomach flu in the Carolinas. (In a nicely ironic touch, we were sick in the hokey "South of the Border" amusement stop.) Another time, we got the plain old flu-flu... bad. 104 degree-blow-airconditioning-on-that-child-and-sponge-her-with-icewater-from-the-cooler bad. And one year, our old minivan broke down on the side of the road just south of Jacksonville the day before Christmas.
And the chips also fall back on the farm: The floor of the chicken coop fell out our first trip away. (Our wonderful farm sitters managed to put it back together before any predators struck) and, in the biggest tragedy we've encountered, Diego our beautiful moorit mouflon ram lamb died. (We got the call Christmas morning, on that one) So.... maybe we're due for a nice, calm, healthy visit. Whatever the case, I won't be posting for a little bit.

To get myself in the Florida spirit, I thought I'd share some recent snowy pictures. (Otherwise I might never leave this place.)
Here is our picnic table BEFORE the last big snowstorm:

And here it is AFTER:

The ewes pay no mind to the weather (They pay no mind to the wether for that matter :) and venture out in rain, sleet and snow

Kids and canines too

Happy Holidays Everybody!


Anonymous said...

What is all of that white stuff on the ground? Here in Florida, we have never seen that, how do you call it...snow. Is it dangerous? It looks like it is about to devour your poor children. Please Perri, move back to Florida where it is safe!

The preceding message has been brought to you by the committee to get people to move to Coral Springs.

El Cotoloco said...

Oh my god! Perri hes drowning in the snow for the love of Pete save him he doesn't look like a slacker to me!