Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Flower

Well now. We are STILL waiting for poor Acorn to lamb. This is how she's looking these days:

Poor thing. I mean, how much longer is this going to take????

While we were keeping watch on Acorn, waking early, midnight barn checking, wily old matriarch, Copper, decided to go ahead and get the lambing over with.

In between the frequent checks, she birthed herself a nice little ewe lamb.

The kids have named her Flower.


Alicia Gregoire said...

Acorn is huuuuge! Wow. Hope she lambs soon.

JEFritz said...

Wow. Acorn looks like she's going to give birth to a litter, not a lamb. Poor thing looks so uncomfortable.

Congratulations on the new Flower! She's so cute.

Amateur Yankee said...

I empathize with Acorn!! and Flower looks rugged for a lamb - hooray.

Perri said...

I know, JEFritz! I'm hoping for just two... or one, we are downsizing after all.

Acorn does seem to take it all in stride, but really, how miserable!

and, thank you, Amateur Yankee, Flower is quite the perfect little thing :)

Chai Chai said...

Acorn is huge. I guess it is a good thing because I was worried about my Jeepers who I THOUGHT was big, but I guess she doesn't compare - yet!

Yvonne Osborne said...

Oh, I love your photos! I would love to be a shepherd. And what a warm cozy pen she has. I thought sheep always had two lambs at a time, but obviously not.