Sunday, August 30, 2009

Skein Central

We just got a new shipment of yarn back from the mill, and it is beautiful! We tried something new this year and mixed colored in the same skein. The effect is a sort of tweed... or zebra. I love it!

We also a lot of white this time around (Our white sheep are super hardy and just keep propagating...) But the white ranges from slightly gray to oatmeal colored to glossy and warm. More variation than you'd expect from "white"

Varied the size this time around as well. Some of the yarn is 2 ply sport, some a beautiful fingerling.

Fresh off a seminar in dyeing yarns and roving, I will be dyeing some of the white skeins. This is a first for us. Other than a kool-aid and one-color dye experiments, we've offered only naturally-colored yarns. look for the results (whatever they may be) here on the blog.

So now, the question shifts from "When will the yarn show up?" To "What the heck are we going to do with all this yarn?" (Have I mentioned I don't really knit-- well? In truth, I have been "learning to knit" for three years now. and may never progress beyond this point due to a lethal combination of work, kids and ineptitude...)

The yarn is expensive to produce, but we love the magic of these skeins, remembering, as we do, all the way back to when they were on the backs of our well-loved sheep.

And it is for sale, of course. Soon to be posted on our website and on Etsy as well.

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