Friday, May 1, 2009

Sheep's Eye View

We are experiencing a welcome lull in lambing. Three girls done, three to go, but none planning to go anytime soon by the looks of it. So I'm taking a teeny break from cute lamb pictures (They ARE so cute, now, aren't they? I go down to feed and water and spend a half hour just gazing at them.... Okay, okay, enough with the lambs!)

Anyway, we've moved the three boys (Charlie, Clowny Boy, and Rahm) out to an inconvienient spot. It's just far enough into the pasture for me to have to climb over the ewe's fence and truck water buckets across and and over another fence. It's no big deal really, but the dogs-- both intense little herding beasties-- go NUTS when I walk off into the pasture without them. They are positive that I am going to need them out there.

I thought I'd try to capture a sheep's eye view of this twice daily drama.

I should also mention that Maggie (Our 12 year old farm namesake and one of the most sheep-obsessive border collies on the planet) does this sort of laser beam stare thing pretty much all day long whether I am in the pasture or not.

Luka (Our cheeky little Icelandic sheepdog) is satisfied to lick the sheep's faces and nibble gently at their horns when I am not walking off to "work" without her. I think she secretly likes them.

The Maggie's farm flock are a tolerant bunch, and-- being Icelandic sheep-- even the lambs are not in the least intimidated. Here two week old Dodge gives Luka the hairy eyeball.

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