Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Shearing Day!

Shearer Andy Rice stopped by today, and the sheep are looking sleek in their new spring non-coats. They seem so puny after you get used to bulk, wooly puff-balls wandering about.

The spring fleeces are never terrific-- but shearing in Spring helps the new lambs locate their Mamas' most important features and it also helps the fall fleeces keep from becoming matted overlong messes.

Shearing day is always an event of sorts-- this one involved five kids running around (Ours and the neighbors) an extra dog or two (Andy's extremely well- trained BC and the Chihuahua next door) a lot of excited (annoying) yipping from Luka who had to be locked in the house so as not to further freak out the sheep with her assertive little self and a great and rambling sheep related conversation.

The girls look quite gigantic now. Acorn, Penny, Copper and Leela have nice big udders already.


Christy said...

They are getting huge! I didn't know you sheared in the fall too. Don't they want their wool for the winter?

P said...

Hi Christy!

I've been told that the sheep do fine through the winter as long as their bellies are full of hay. Also, they start growing back their coats almost immediately.

If they are sheared just once a year, the fleeces get matted and loaded with bits of hay. The fall fleeces-- the ones nourished by good green grass are much nicer.