Friday, October 3, 2008

To Market, To Market

Saturday's the day.

Dan and I are headed off to the opening celebration of the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston. The Greenway is the snaky park that's replaced Boston's old raised highways. (Think "Big Dig".) The celebration is an enormous farmer's market, concert, happenin' event.

...And we, well, we are bringin' it. All of it: Yarn, roving, apples, baked thingys, homemade soap, etc. etc.

It promises to be a HUGE event-- much larger than we envisioned when we agreed to go.

Truth be told, we are rookies, raw rookies, when it comes to hawking our wares. We putter and dawdle and are not as focused on the "business end of our business" as we could be. So this event-- upwards of 50,000 people-- is a bit, um... terrifying. But really exciting as well.

Maggie's Farm may be turning a corner. The sheep may actually pay for a portion of their own feed this year. That'd be nice. Then we wouldn't have to talk so much about what a "fun long-term project" the farm is or chuckle self-deprecatingly about how the sheep are our retirement plan.

....Maybe. Whatever else, I'm sure we'll meet a lot of nice people and come away with some terrific stories. And isn't that what it's all about anyway?

So if you're in Boston this weekend, come by and say hello.


Christy said...

I wish I was going to be there. I'm sure you'll do really well.

John said...

Nice blog! You guys are busy. We heat our house mostly with wood too. I have a recent post of our ongoing wood collection efforts with pics. What kind of trees are you using? Ours are pine. Hardwoods are sure good for heat but need a little dry time.

P said...

We've been using mostly beech, birch, and maple. And yes, that drying time is tough. Dan usually goes out and finds standing dead wood or naturally felled trees that have been weathering a while and he drags them back for firewood. This year, we haven't had time to collect much yet.

We don't have much pine in our woods, just two patches of hemlock and assorted hardwoods. (We even have a few old oaks-- too nice fore firewood.)