Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bye Bye Batmandu

While we were away last week, our top-dog rooster, Batmandu, decided he didn't like children any more than he liked puppies. He attacked our daughter's friend while her mom was over taking care of things in our absence.

Attacked her as she ran away.

Attacked her seriously enough to draw blood.

So now, we must say adieu to Batmandu.

Lucky for him, we found a wonderful child-free farm. A farm with 20 hens and no roosters at all.

Batmandu was not so keen on being crated and-- when my oldest felt sorry for him and in trying to give him a treat, set him free-- he was not so keen on being captured and re-crated either. He was equally unfond of the long, twisty mini-van ride to Peru (Peru, Mass not the country in South America) He was not keen on the car-seated children beside him, the musical selection or the constant reminders by these children that at least he will not be soup.

But he will be very keen on his new life without said children underfoot or pesky rooster underlings.

Pesky rooster underlings like the gi-normous Stellar:

Stellar, who now finds himself the top-dog rooster in our flock. Maybe Stellar will relax a little and go the respectful route of his old man when it comes to the hens rather than the commando-style tackles and general abuse that marked his second tier status.

Stellar hasn't shown any interest or aggression towards humans as yet. Likely, though, we'll have yet another mean ol' rooster on our hands before we know it.


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Christy said...

That was nice of you to re-home him instead of stock potting him.